Individually tailored support for students during their university preparation and application process. I will support you in exploring, planning, preparing and finally applying to universities around the world. Some of the things I can help you with are:

  • Creating balanced lists of universities that are the right fit for you based on your academics and desires in terms of college environment
  • Psychometric assessment and interpretation for career preference and course selection
  • Planning an examination schedule for any external testsĀ 
  • Advising and reviewing applications
  • Brainstorming essay ideas and feedback on completed essays and statements
  • Building a professional CV
  • Interview preparation and practice
  • Introductions with relevant admissions representatives when possible
  • Communicating with schools and support with letters of reference
  • Additional support for parents

It is helpful to have an experienced counselor to support you with the university application process and I will do everything in my power, and within the legal and ethical bounds of the profession, to assist you in gaining admission to whichever colleges and universities you choose. However, admission to any college or university is not and cannot be guaranteed by either your counselor or anyone else.