What people are saying

“Throughout my final year of high school, Ms. Magda supported and helped me tremendously with my college applications. From organizing mock college interviews to helping me perfect my application by providing me with tips and suggestions on how to improve my essays, she went all of the way to ensure I put my best foot forward. Her determined efforts and relentless guidance helped me gain acceptances into universities such as UC Berkeley (College of Chemistry), UCLA, University of Toronto, Kings’ College London and many more. Since the college admission process can get emotionally taxing given the effort needed to be put in and the anxiety surrounded with rejections, Ms. Magda would always give me a glimmer of hope and guide me on how to get through this process successfully. “

– Mannat D. (Chemical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley)

“I was very lucky to have Ms. Magda as my college counselor in high school. I remember visiting her office multiple times a week to fix my application essays. She was always willing to help and gave me advice that really helped craft excellent college essays. Also, due to her vast experience with students all over the world, she was knowledgeable about the admission process in the US, UK and even numerous Asian universities. Thanks to her support I was able to apply and receive offers of admission from top universities such as University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, National University of Singapore and Gacheon Medical School in Korea. Without her knowledge about the application process and passion to help students, it would have been tough for me to apply to all these schools and get the results I did.”

– Jaegyun K. (Medicine at Gacheon University, South Korea; offer from University of Cambridge)

“Ms. Kozlowska worked with me for my last two years of high school. These two years were extremely challenging, whether it be the final exams, the fast-paced tempo of the curriculum or the university application process. It was very helpful to have a counselor that guided me and my peers prior, during, and, after the university applications. Ms. Kozlowska focused on the importance of choosing the right fit for every student. She achieved this by regularly connecting us to universities to be certain that everybody had a perfect match, in terms of academic interest, lifestyle, and the culture that is unique in each university. She also guided me with my personal statement and showed me how to convey my interest to the university selection committee. Her guidance helped me receive numerous offers in Engineering from Imperial College London, UCL, Delft University of Technology, and others. Overall, Ms. Kozlowska took interest in not only our academic performance but more importantly in our well-being and mental health. She was always available to set up a meeting to talk about anything that we struggled with and celebrated with us in our achievements. “

– Noah S. (Mechanical Engineering, TU Delft)

Ms. Magda was not just my university counselor, but somebody whom I could come to with any personal or social worries due to her knowledge, approachability, and her comforting words. 

In terms of university guidance, Ms. Magda worked with me to help narrow down universities and their corresponding programs. At the time, I was doing well in all but one subject, which had given me doubts about universities accepting me. However, Ms. Magda helped me work towards building up my confidence in my application and guiding me on backup programs and universities. Throughout grade 11, Ms. Magda helped me on many occasions, first explaining how the application process in Canada worked, what information they would need from me and the potential universities I should apply to given my grades. We worked together on application materials and essays and Ms. Magda helped tremendously in making sure everything was ready to go and to the highest standard. 

Furthermore, helping a student apply to universities and guiding them through the application process is only one part of the transition. Ms. Magda supported me in understanding how I can fit into the dynamic of the university – I was confused between offers from UBC and UofT and she helped me dive deep and make my own decision. In the end I chose University of Toronto to study Biotechnology, and I don’t regret it one bit thanks to Ms. Magda!

– Arub S. (Biotechnology at the University of Toronto)

“Ms. Magda supported me with every step along the way to my ultimate admission and choice of college. With the encouragement of Ms. Magda, I was able to stay right on track throughout the application season, happily finishing all my essays well before each deadline. Her help went way beyond what was required of her, and all through the process, you could tell that she loves what she does and that she will get the job done with care and appreciation for the student. Her availability and creative suggestions were above and beyond what I expected. In addition, Ms. Magda’s accessibility was greatly appreciated, and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing help with the college application process.”

– Destiny F. (International Politics at George Washington University)